About Us

Over 20 years of experience in the development of robotic and automated industrial end-of-line solutions.

Our Vision

To grow and permanently improve profitability as a consequence of our customers' recognition as leading suppliers in the areas in which we compete.

Our Values include:

Trust: Demonstrated by mutual respect and faith in our employees, recognizing the importance of their individuality and valuing the diversity of their opinions. Confidence, also to encourage people to take innovative and creative actions to face adverse situations, capitalizing on opportunities, making coherent decisions quickly and optimizing resources to transform their individual commitments into collective achievements.

Responsibility: Manifested through the commitment of each employee to act as owner and responsible for his or her own work, regardless of the task performed.

Quality: As a major determinant of customer satisfaction and consequent customer loyalty. This requires employees to consistently provide effective products and services, both to internal customers (in the different sectors of the company) and external customers, with a minimum margin of error. In an increasingly competitive environment, better quality translates into greater value for our customers, which is the essence of differentiation.

Areas of Operation

Packaging, cartoning and case packing, palletizing, conveying systems, accumulation, sorting, lifting and lowering for all types of products, as well as in the provision of robotic cells for arc and spot welding, deburring and polishing, plasma cutting, flame cutting, machine loading and unloading, transfer between presses and other typical applications in the metal-mechanical, automotive and autoparts industries.

Distinctive Aspects

Fanuc Robotics Authorized Integrators

We are Fanuc Robotics Authorized Integrator and we are proud to have achieved the exclusive status of Certified Service Integrator, which enables us to provide qualified technical service and training courses in industrial robotics with the endorsement of Fanuc Robotics.

We are specialists in Robotized solutions

We are leading integrators of robotic industrial solutions oriented to diverse segments, including food, beverage, cleaning and personal care, pharmaceutical, electronics, agro-industrial, chemical, petrochemical, etc. for which we offer end-of-line solutions, including:

Metalworking, automotive and autoparts industry

We widely cover the needs of the metal-mechanic, automotive and autoparts industry segment supplying:

Exporting Technology

We export robotic solutions to several countries, including Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Central America.