Customer Service

In EK roboter we consider that a fundamental aspect for success is to reach the optimum in the provision of customer service, which we believe is obtained when the client perceives our support and comes to consider us as valuable partners in the achievement of their projects.

Installation and Start-up

We have an experienced group of mechanical, electrical and electronic supervisors with proven ability to manage contractors and experience in making decisions in the field.

Production Support

Once the start-up process of the installation is completed, we offer a Production Support service that consists of one or more of our supervisors remaining on site during the operation of the installation in order to assist the operators during the learning process of the operation. This support has a high added value as it minimizes the learning period, allowing the operation to reach its maximum capacity in a very short time.


Our training group trains in the operation and maintenance of our robotic cells and all the equipment integrated in the solution, including robotic welding courses for the programming of the welding or cutting cells. The training group prepares operating manuals and simple procedures that are easy to interpret. Fanuc Robotics, we offer intensive training courses at our facilities including the operation and programming of industrial robots as well as mechanical and electrical maintenance courses.

Preemptive Maintenance

We also offer Preventive Maintenance services by annual contracts with periodic visits that guarantee the fulfillment of all maintenance procedures in a timely manner. They are especially indicated for those companies that have a limited maintenance staff or that outsource it.

Technical Service

EK roboter maintains a Technical Assistance Service 24 hours a day, 365 years a year. Our emergency service guarantees the customer a personalized attention during the course of the day of its occurrence.

Spare parts supply

We have a large stock of spare parts that guarantee the customer a high percentage of compliance. Likewise, we have agreements with our represented companies for express emergency supplies, which allow the availability of special availability of special spare parts in the shortest possible time.