Quality Policy

Our quality system is at the heart of EK roboter's continuous improvement process and is aimed at customer satisfaction, meeting our financial needs, complying with all specified or current legal and technical contractual and legal requirements specified or in force and to optimize our resources.

The decision to implement the ISO 9001 Quality Standards, reinforces the tools available in our organization to achieve and maintain an efficient and robust Quality Management System, in addition to meeting the requirements of our Customers and Relevant Stakeholders.

Adopting these Standards allows us to:

EK roboter's Quality System is developed and implemented by all employees. The efficiency of our organization is based on the involvement and motivation of all employees and on a rapid communication within all levels, each department and function is responsible for identifying and managing the quality of its processes. Our ambition is to achieve the highest level of quality, which we develop and manufacture for our customers.

Juan Carlos Avalos
Mayo 2018 - Rev. 01