Elevators and Descenders

We have in our line of elevator equipment products of the floor elevator/lowerator type and the spiral type, with or without accumulation.

Technical Characteristics

Automates the process of lifting and lowering products while saving floor space.

  • Ruggedness. Designed to operate reliably 24 hours a day.
  • Optimized power consumption.
  • Top brand electrical components.
  • Adjustable speed by means of electronic frequency inverter.
  • Minimal utilization of plant floor space for operation. (foot print).
  • In-line input and output at 0, 90, 180 and 270 Gr.
  • Lifting height as required.
  • Spiral type elevation with continuous plastic chain or chain driven shelves (batch).
  • Construction: Perforated and folded counted sheet metal with CNC equipment.
  • Welded structural steel structure.
  • Finish: Structure electrostatically painted with polyurethane paint; pallet holder system and parts subject to wear and tear due to high-strength zinc-plated rubbing.