Automatic Pallet Feeder

Tailor-made for every need, with hydraulic or geared motor control. Allows to accumulate, depending on the application and pallet size, up to 20 units, which are delivered automatically at the system automatically at the request of the system.

Technical Characteristics

Automates the destacking and dispensing process of pallets on a conveyor or trolley. trolley. Works in combination with pallet conveying systems or with our transfer carts.

  • Ruggedness. Designed to operate reliably around the clock.
  • 0,55 Kw geared motor equipped with brake.
  • Top-brand electrical and pneumatic components.
  • Pallet type: 2-way and 4-way versions.
  • DPallet dimensions (mm.): from 800x800 to 1200x1200 and 150 high - Special versions for dimensions not "europallet".
  • Width adjustment: manual, no special tooling required.
  • Maximum pallet capacity: standard 500 kg. - optional capacity for columns up to 20 pallet.
  • Pallet column height: Standard 12 pcs.
  • Special version for automatic loading with double pallet column, one in operation and the other in standby. standby. This makes it possible to operate with 2 columns of 15 pallets each. Once the first one is exhausted, the dispenser automatically loads the second one, thus doubling its working autonomy.
  • Operating speed: 120 pallet/hour
  • Dimensions (mm.): Standard version 2000x1400x180
  • Weight (Kg.): 725 kg.
  • Compressed air consumption: 0.7Nl/cycle @ 6-7 bar.
  • Power supply: 3x380 V, 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption in operation: 0,75 Kw.
  • Construction: Welded structural steel frame.
  • Finish: Structure electrostatically painted with polyurethane paint; pallet holder system and parts subject to wear and tear due to high resistance zinc-plated friction.