As part of the engineering process for the supply of complete turnkey solutions, in addition to our experience in industrial robotics and automation of industrial processes, we integrate a wide range of equipment into our projects..


We place special emphasis on the development of the special elements that are the challenge of each project such as:

  • Grippers
  • High Speed Derailleurs
  • Positioning Systems
  • Pick and Place systems
  • Handlers
  • Welding tools
  • Cutting tables for profiles and pipes


We integrate to our projects a wide range of equipment, such as industrial coding systems (ink jet and laser), bar code reading systems, case erectors and sealers, hot melt sealing equipment, container sorting machines, liquid packaging machines, flow pack machines, check weighers, X-ray control equipment, inspection equipment, etc.

We have also developed several communication interfaces with centralized systems such as SAP, and we have developed and implemented SCADA data acquisition and industrial control systems..


Our Engineering Group covers the following specialties: Mechanics, Metal Structures, Pneumatics, Electrical and Automation..