Roller Conveyors

Various models of roller conveyors are included in our delivery program, from simple non-driven rollers, to motorized systems with minimum or zero pressure, to motorized roll-to-roll systems for pallet conveying and large loads.

Technical Characteristics

Celeven different types of conveyors are available for the most diverse requirements: Minimum or zero pressure roller conveyors, Gravity roller conveyors and Pallet roller conveyors.

  • Transport of boxes, crates, empty or finished pallets, loads for assembly lines, etc.
  • Steel structure (carbon or stainless steel) cut and drilled by laser and CNC precision bending.
  • 50.8 mm zinc-plated rollers for boxes and 63.5 mm zinc-plated rollers for pallets with "roll to roll" chain motion transmission.
  • Finished with powder paint by electrostatic adhesion system.
  • Height and inclination adjustable legs with base for anchoring.
  • Load capacity up to 1200 kg.