Pallet Roller Turntables

Our Pallet Roller Turntable enables 90° rotation about the pallet's translation axis. axis of the pallet. It is suitable for rotating both empty and full pallets, and in versions with a load capacity of 2,000 kg and pallet up to 2,400 x 1,100 mm. 2,000 kg load capacity and pallet sizes up to 2,400 x 1,100 mm.

Technical Characteristics

  • Standard versions suitable for pallet (mm.): 800x600; 800x1200; 1000x1200; 1000x1200
  • Standard load capacity: 2000 kg.
  • Loading/unloading height: between 400 and 600 mm.
  • Loading tables: Standard with roller or chain.
  • Standard loading/unloading speed: 15 m/min depending on the type of load to be transported..
  • Travel speed: between 15 and 30 m/min depending on the load to be transported..
  • Controls: by means of first-brand geared motors.
  • Automation: by means of PLC, variable frequency drives and first-brand sensors..
  • Safety: Instantaneous stop in case of collision with obstacles.
  • Cable carrier: High-strength plastic chain.
  • Construction: Structural steel and welded steel plate.
  • Solid steel rails F24 zinc-plated.
  • Finish: Electrostatically applied powder coating.