Grippers and End Effectors

Grippers, also called End Effectors or simply Tools, are the elements that are placed on the robot in order to perform one or more specific functions.

Technical Characteristics

Automatic tools for robotic handling of products.

  • Ruggedness. Designed to operate reliably 24 hours a day..
  • Designed for each product: boxes, bags, packs, drums, cans, bottles, bricks, ingots, etc.
  • The same tool can handle product, ballet and cardboard separator sheets..
  • High speed adjustment to each product.
  • Top-brand electrical, pneumatic, vacuum and servo motor components.
  • Dimensions and load capacity according to requirements.
  • Flanges and connection connector suitable for each robot.
  • Construction: Perforated and folded cut sheet metal with CNC equipment..
  • Aluminum and/or steel structure.
  • Finish: Structure electrostatically painted with polyurethane paint; pallet holder system and parts subject to wear and tear due to high-strength zinc-plated rubbing.