Case Forming and Erectors

PThey allow the automatic assembly of boxes or trays. They can be supplied with tape or hotmelt closing systems.

Technical Characteristics

Automate the process of assembling and closing boxes in production lines.

  • Ruggedness. Designed to operate reliably 24 hours a day.
  • Optimized power consumption.
  • Top-brand electrical components.
  • Box dimensions according to project.
  • Minimum utilization of plant surface area for operation (foot print)
  • Belt and plastic chain conveying systems.
  • Assembly without deformations.
  • Adjustable speed movements for optimal box assembly.
  • Sealed with tape or hot melt equipment.
  • PLC controlled operation.
  • Operation and maintenance touch panel.
  • Construction: Perforated and folded cut sheet metal with CNC equipment.
  • Welded structural steel structure.
  • Finish: Structure electrostatically painted with polyurethane paint; system. and parts subject to wear and tear due to high resistance zinc-plated friction.