Belt Conveyors

Our versatile line of belt conveyors includes low profile systems for pharmaceutical and food applications, flat bed or roller bed systems for long lengths, incline systems and much more.

Technical Characteristics

Designed for the most diverse requirements: Flat bed belt conveyors, roller bed belt conveyors and low profile belt conveyors.

  • Transport of cartons, pouches, shrink-wrapped packs, boxes, crates, parts and pieces in assembly and inspection lines, automatic product sorting, packaging lines, etc.
  • Standard sizes from 50 to 600 mm wide and lengths of 1000, 1500 and 3000 mm.
  • Steel structure (carbon or stainless steel) laser cut and drilled and CNC precision bent.
  • Finished with powder paint by electrostatic adhesion system.
  • Height and inclination adjustable legs with base for anchoring.
  • Handrails adjustable in width and height.